reflective nylon zipper

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reflective nylon zipper

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Our History
Dongguan DaShun Zipper Hardware Accessories Co., Ltd was founded in 1998. Our factory is located in Shijie Town, Dongguan City, where is named as 鈥淲orld鈥檚 Factory鈥? DaShun is a reputable company in zipper鈥檚 industry with its professional technique. The technical innovations in sliders and zippers manufacturers ended the historical that purchases habits from overseas countries. The leadership position was established consequently. Meanwhile DaShun Zipper is prosperity in product鈥檚 creation, research and development, technical support, with the outstanding sales and service teams in garment accessories industry.
The sewing business of the world in the 21st century is changing rapidly towards high quality, small quantity, diversified kinds of products. Short delivery period and fashion changes. DS Zipper will do our best to respond and contribute to the demands of related business promptly. Moreover, through last 20 years with artisan鈥檚 spirit for zippers, we pay attention to customers for even trivial opinions and to consider management of customer satisfaction as its priority.
Our Factory
After 20 years effort, Dashun Zipper has enlarged gradually. The production department, factory area, and sales team are getting bigger than before. We have a production floor area over 10,000 square meters, with about 200 staffs and more than 200 sets of production equipment. We have owned our mold workshop, weaving workshop, die-casting workshop, mechanical workshop, teeth arranging workshop and some other corresponding production workshop. We have set up sales office in other cities in China, includes Shanghai, Hong Kong, Foshan, Kaiping, Shenzhen and so on. Basing on ceaselessly rising demand of customers, the company has collocated a variety of advanced production equipment and testing equipment to monitor the product from raw materials, production process, finished the whole process. The physical and chemical indicators of the products can meet customer or exceed customers鈥?requirements.
Our Product
Our products consist of 4 categories, metal, nylon, resin (plastic teeth), stealth. The main production is metal zipper, which is numerous in variety as well as applicability. As a result, metal zippers are widely used in clothing, bags, and shoes. We have products sizes like #1, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8, #10, #12, #15, #18, which are able to be produced. The shape of teeth includes square teeth, round teeth, Y teeth, corn teeth, swiss teeth, double point teeth, standard teeth and so on. The available teeth including but not limited to brass, red copper, copper, white copper, bronze, antique brass, antique red brass, nickel, light nickel, dark nickel, silver, golden, light golden, misty golden, gunmetal, rose gold and so on.
Our Service
Continuous development, research and development to meet market demand, new and practical quality products; strive to provide customers with pre-sales, sales, after-sales service, is the eternal theme of the company's search for business, here the company promises to the majority of users:
Pre-sale Service:
1. Free consultation for customers.
2. Provide customers with product samples, company profiles, credit certificates and other needed information.
3. Invite customers to visit our company, production equipment, manufacturing process and so on.
4. Experienced designers are required for custom services such as LOGO for customers.

In-sale Service:
During the production process, customers are invited to visit our company to check the various processes in the production process and inspect. Provide product inspection standards and results. Report the production steps to the customer in time.

After Sales Service:
1. In response to customer service or feedback, we will provide a response and solution that will satisfy our customers in the shortest possible time.
2. Regularly contact customers for collecting opinions and seeking for cooperation and improve ourselves through customer鈥檚 feedback.reflective nylon zipper