injection molded parts

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injection molded parts

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toilet molding
Product Description
In the case of dissatisfaction, first of all, it is necessary to check whether there is leakage of glue between the barrel and nozzle of machine; secondly, check whether the rubber meson at the front end of the screw has leaked glue. Only after the exclusion of these two situations can other aspects be judged. The following determination methods are based on the case where the two cases are excluded and will not be repeated.
In the second case, the screw can reach the set melt stroke, but the set injection stroke cannot be reached (the residual glue amount is available). In this case, there is a glue in the barrel, but it does not enter the cavity.
Possible causes:
1. The fluidity of the melt adhesive is not enough. The fluidity of the melt is insufficient, the flow resistance is large, and the colloid is difficult to fill into the mold. This may happen because of the following reasons:
a) the raw material itself has poor fluidity;
b) The processing temperature of the barrel is set too low or the temperature does not reach the set value, such as the temperature display is not true.
c) The mold temperature is low. Although the colloidal fluidity in the barrel is good, after flowing into the mold flow path, the cooling is too fast, and the fluidity in the cavity in the mold flow path is poor, resulting in dissatisfaction of filling.
2. Improper setting of toilet molding process parameters. The toilet molding injection pressure is low, the colloid can not overcome the filling resistance; the speed is low, the toilet molding melting time of the glue is long when filling, the fluidity is reduced, resulting in a large filling resistance; the holding time is short, the filling is stopped before the product is filled, etc. Causes the product to be less than glue.
3. Filling channel is blocked. it is necessary to check whether the nozzle, main channel, shunt channel, gate, etc. are unblocked, and if it is blocked, it needs to be cleaned up.
4. The toilet molding mold casting system is defective.
The defects of the mold casting system are divided into the following aspects:
a) the flow path is too small, too thin or too long, increasing fluid resistance;
b) The runners and gates are rough and flawed, or have sharp angles, and the surface roughness is poor, which affects the flow;
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